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Best Time to Consider Coaching

If you've ever considered getting certified as a coach to improve your career skills or to become a full-time coach, we have good news; we have a seat for you! New Vibe Training is moving forward with our Certified Professional Coach training for Spring 2020. We have modified our schedule to deliver the first module online which will begin on April 16th.  Most of our curriculum is already delivered online, so this will be a seamless transition for us.   At this time, we are hopeful that we’ll be able to deliver our in-person classes in May, as scheduled, but are also ready and equipped to transition those classes online. Rest assured that whether online or in person, you will receive high-quality training that will prepare you to begin your coaching business and practice. It’s a great time to become a coach as people need hope and guidance during these times of uncertainty.   If you’re ready to make a commitment, reserve your seat below and we'll send you an application and then send you the resources you'll need to get started.  Call our office or email us with any of your questions. 

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