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I have learned throughout my professional career that not being clear with my spoken communication and business marketing opens the door for confusion and breakdowns.
The dictionary definition for clarity is: clearness, freedom from ambiguity and minimizes misunderstandings.  For leaders, professional coaches, and business owners, clarity must be queen and king.  In other words, for all people, our spoken and written language must be aligned, clear, and concise in order to obtain a peak level of achievement.   According to research, a whopping 92% of people do not reach their goals and the primary reason is due to vagueness or a lack of clarity.  When a person has clarity around their desires, success is a by-product.  What clarity do you need to help you further your personal and professional goals? Are you clear on your next action to take? If not, begin with your first step toward clarity.  See you at the top!  Carl Casanova, M.S., PCC 
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