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New Vibe Training, is committed to offering informative, relevant, and motivational books and other products that are intended to enlighten, educate, empower, and inspire you to make positive changes that will enable you to lead a more productive, satisfying, and enjoyable life–both personally and professionally.

Blueprint for Success

Carl Casanova, Ken Blanchard, and the late Stephen Covey


A must-read for the success-minded individual. Success does not happen by chance–everyone should develop a blueprint in order to plan for success in life. The men and women featured in this book have developed their own innovative blueprints that have led them to success.


“At times, successful people have to push through hard times and setbacks. I am always intrigued by the various methods they use to overcome difficulties. Some of them have gone on to teach others what they learned as they went back to the drawing board and created a new blueprint that led them to success.” — David E. Wright, President of International Speakers Network.

Help I Am Angry

Carl Casanova, MS


Anger is one of the most impactful emotions, which many fail to understand.  Studying anger and how it effects our lives is important for self-development. This is an insightful, and practical book on the subject of creative solutions for resolving anger issues. This could possibly be one of the most important self-growth reads a person can experience for themselves. In addition, a great book for educators, coaches, counselors and individuals to assist others.  This book contains working solutions for effectively managing anger in your everyday life.

Discovering Good Vibrations

Carl Casanova, M.S.


Journal writing, what a tremendous self-coaching tool and one that has positively impacted civilization since ancient times. Men, women and adolescents throughout history have kept journals, and studies reveal that writing consistently about one’s life journey makes for a happier and healthier individual. This journal is a guide to incorporate the art and science of journaling into your life so you can be your own best self-coach. Who knows, the words from your own personal journal pages just may turn your life around for you to discover good vibrations.

What Every Successful Person Knows!

Carl Casanova, MS


Contrary to popular opinion, success is not a secret. Those pioneers that have traveled the success trail before us have left powerful clues for us to use. These universal laws and ageless truths are available for you to learn and apply to your personal and professional life today.


“Reading “What Every Successful Person Knows!” is like experiencing your own private seminar in a book. You will be challenged to transcend and redefine your life. You will be encouraged to embrace your courage and to explore new horizons of success in all that you do and encounter.” — Tracee Y. Wells, author of Heavenly Inspirations Manifested.

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