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New Vibe Press • A Publishing Company

Making Your Book a Reality.


Who We Are:

New Vibe Press is a publishing company with a designed purpose to help the world be a better

place to live and learn. We are committed to partnering with coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders

who aspire to make the greatest impact imaginable via the written word. With our enthusiastic

team of qualified editors, typesetters, illustrators, cover designers, and publicity experts, we have

the tools and skills necessary to transform your rough draft into a professionally printed book as

well as a digital e-book. We are here to serve you in this collaborative process.


We understand that every book is a labor of love and requires great care and attention throughout the publishing process. We also know that publishing a book is often a completely new and possibly overwhelming experience for an author. For this reason, we provide each of our authors with their own Publication Coach who will provide guidance through every stage of the process while giving useful tips and resources along the way. At New Vibe Press, it is our mission to

provide every author a chance to have their message heard and to help change the world.


You will partner with the New Vibe Press Team as a client for the purpose of bringing forth your

dream to the world in the form of a book.

Publication Coach:


You will have three coaching sessions included for specific actions, objectives, and branding

outcomes, as well as assistance throughout the process until your work, is formally published and

distributed. Your Publication coach will give you caring guidance through each stage of your

book’s production.

Services to Help You with Your Book

Our Personal Selection Process:

We are very selective in our chosen work with individual clients. We believe this is a portion of a

person’s calling in life. We will provide you with a publication agreement that clearly and simply

spells out the many things we will do to produce your book. Once you decide to bring your book

to life with us as your partner, we will immediately begin the process outline in the following

pages in order to transform your manuscript from rough draft to a published book available to

distribute to the nation’s largest retail outlets in both hard copy and e-book formats. Imagine the

pride you will feel when holding your own book in your hands for the very first time! It’s a

dream come true.

Our 5-Step Process

Step 1 – Free Consultation and Coaching

Step 2 – Signed Publishing Agreement

Step 3 – The “Making of a Manuscript”

Step 4 – Send the manuscript into production for the birth of your book

Step 5 – Complete the book publishing process and move forward toward goals and objectives

Professional Editing:

We have seasoned and professional editors who will thoroughly proof your manuscript. Our

editors are meticulous for grammatical, organizational, and spelling errors. Moreover, the editor

will identify any issues with word usage, sentence structure, redundancy, and consistency. All

suggestions will be shared with you for approval before implementation.


Professional Ghostwriting:

We offer a complete ghostwriting service from start to finish. It is designed to maximize your

time while maintaining full control.


Layout and Typesetting:

Your assigned Typeset Artist will lay out the pages of your book and implement elements of

appearance and typographical style such as selecting appropriate fonts and sizes, choosing the

right character, line spacing, and setting accurate page breaks to enhance your style and we work hard to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing final product is pleasing to the client. All

illustrations, photographs, graphs, charts, and drawings will be perfectly placed according to

your needs.


Custom Color Cover Design:

Working on your cover design and with your assigned Cover Designer is an incredibly creative

component. Our highly skilled designer, team, and coach will brainstorm with you for bringing

your most desired creative look. We will use all the input and direction from you to produce an

eye-catching cover for your book.


If you’re seeking greater creativity with branding a logo designed is optional. We have the ability

to help you create illustrations with characters, figures, or scenes you envision, our team will

share together with you with ideas to bring them to life.


Each edition of your book, both digital (for iPad, Kindle, and other devices) as well as print

editions, reacquire an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in order to be sold at

retailers. We will acquire as many ISBNs and barcodes as necessary in order to successfully

launch your book.

Print editions of your book layout:

Once we have completed your editing, typesetting, and cover design, your finished book will be

professionally printed on premium paper with a glossy full-color cover. We will arrange retail

distribution through partnering with Ingram, and Amazon to ensure the widest retail exposure for

the print edition of your book. Once printed, copies of your book will be delivered directly to

you so that you can share them with family and friends. Additional copies can always be

obtained at a steep discount to the Author.


Conversion To Digital E-book Formats:

Over half of all books sold today are in digital e-book format. Accordingly, we will convert your

book into all the prevalent e-book formats for use on Apple devices, Amazon Kindles and Barnes

& Noble Nooks.

Ownership and Rights:

Your book, as well as everything we produce for you such as cover designs and illustrations, are

all your exclusive property now and forever. We are simply your publisher, but you are the

exclusive author and owner of all materials comprising your book. Where required, we will file a

copyright application with the appropriate agency.

What type of books do we publish?

● Leadership

● Autobiographies

● Memoirs

● Non-fiction

● Biographies

● Coaching

● Self-help

● Inspirational

● Devotionals

● And many more

More Information

Free Copies:

Publisher will provide Author with 10 copies of the book (if paperback) or 5 copies of the book (if


On-Demand Distribution:

Work will be available for on-demand distribution through Ingram Book Group, the largest book

distributor in the world. In that, your book will be available online and through most major

bookstores including:



• Ingram

Marketing and Publicity Campaign:

Each author will have personal coaching on a customized marketing plan. There will be

recommendations and resources available to move your project forward.

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