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Gain the confidence, focus, and abilities you need to grow your coaching business.



Master your art through strengths-based training and live up to your full potential as a coach.



Meet esteemed coaches, share best practices, and enrich each others' lives.

Many people want to help others live better lives and earn a great living doing it, but lack the knowledge, skills, and hands-on practice they need to become certified professional coaches.

Ready to master your art?

We're here for you.


Our passion is to help you fulfill your full potential as a coach. We provide a clear path to professional certification so you can build a successful business helping others flourish and thrive.


In 17 years, we've certified thousands of professional coaches, helping them clarify their strengths, amplify their toolkit, and magnify their skillset.

5 Simple Steps to Professional Certification

  1. Enroll online.

  2. Receive 125 hours of strengths-based training.

  3. Graduate fully equipped to succeed as a professional coach.

  4. Develop a thriving coaching business.

  5. Claim your esteemed place within the coaching community.

New Vibe is fantastic! I wanted to spend my life magnifying the good in others, helping them see their own potential and supporting them in living their dreams. I had lots of enthusiasm, what I needed were equally good systems. New Vibe’s strengths-based approach was a perfect fit for me.

As a former college teacher, I'd been using coaching techniques for years, yet hadn't ever had any formal training. In the course, I got clear on what kind of a coach I wanted to be and received systems and a language I'd never had before. It helped me get amazing results for my clients.

Ask Yourself:


What kind of coach do I want to be?

One who develops my skills and abilities?

One who lives a life of purpose, who invests in mastery in order to better serve others?

One who takes a strengths-based approach and incorporates expert feedback as I learn and grow?

If so, welcome to New Vibe.


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