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Coaching can absolutely change the world but it starts with you! Gain and sustain the confidence and competence needed to know yourself, strengthen others, and grow in the wisdom business. 


You will learn how to master your craft through our strengths-based training. New Vibe's 5-month,
5 modules (ICF) certification program will enhance your growth in the art and science of coaching so you can live up to your full potential as a facilitator of change.



Collaborate with esteemed students, coaches, and mentor teachers in a positive growth learning community. Engage in support and learn best practices, to enrich each others' lives with resources to help change the world together.

Sunset Walk

Many want to help others live a healthy life, earn a great living, and leave a positive legacy but lack the knowledge, skills, and hands-on practice they need. New Vibe has the answer toward becoming an amazing coach and building a sustainable business.


Ready to embrace your purpose?

It's a pilgrimage and we're here to walk with you!


Our soul mission is to empower you to fulfill your greatest potential. We provide a clear path toward professional coach certification. Whether in the workplace or building a successful business we teach you how to flourish and thrive as a coach and in life.


In 19 years in the business of training coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs we've certified thousands of professionals, helping them clarify their strengths, amplify their toolkit, and magnify their purpose in life.


5 Simple Steps toward Professional Certification

  1. Declare Your Enrollment
    in the ICF CORE Certification Course 

  2. Discover Clarity for Your Purpose
    as you graduate as a (CPC) Certified Professional Coach

  3. Develop Your Community
    of clients, customers, and what we have to offer others

  4. Deliver Your Services
    and value proposition with passion and trust

  5. Dream Come True
    as a successful and profitable entrepreneur


New Vibe was the ultimate school for me! I wanted to spend my life accentuating the good in others, helping them see their own potential, and supporting them in living their dreams. I had lots of enthusiasm, what I needed were equally good systems. New Vibe’s strengths-based approach was a perfect fit for me. - Jana

As a business owner, I've been using coaching techniques for years, yet hadn't ever had any formal training. In the 5-month course, I got clarity on the kind of coach I was called to be. I received a language and a skill set I'd never had before. I got amazing results for my clients' success. - John 


Ask Yourself these questions.


What kind of coach do I want to be in order to make a difference in the world?

A coach committed to a lifelong lifestyle based first on my own self-coaching?

A coach that enhances the client's vision to live on purpose?

A coach trained how to accentuate the strengths in clients and others

A coach that encourages clients to invest in serving others for a better world?

If the answers are yes, welcome to New Vibe Training.


The Core Values Index™ is a revolutionary new assessment which enables you to understand your deepest core self.

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